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West, Davis & Company, LLP provides a wide array of
specialized services that cover the following main areas: tax, audit,
real estate development consulting, and business process re-engineering.

· Personal
· Partnerships
· Corporate
· Trusts
· Non-Profit

· Corporate
· Government
· Non-Profit

Real Estate Development Consulting
· Project feasibility
· Risk assessment
· Investment strategies

Business Process Re-engineering
· Business process analysis and benchmarking
· Formulation and re-design of new process in terms of effectiveness and cost-efficiency
· Implementation of new processes

West, Davis & Company, LLP and its partners are
committed to the principle of uncompromised personal service.

We are confident that you will always find that our professional services
are tailored to the specifics of our clients’ needs. Whether it is
a complex tax return, a yearly audit, a potential investment opportunity,
or a business process re-engineering assignment, you will discover that
our staff will complete your project with the outmost professionalism.

We appreciate your business and are honored to be of service!

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